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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi


Whether you are a health provider, a student or just passionate about serving the needy, we have a position for you in our mission clinics.

Health care Professionals;

1. Doctors
2. Nurses/nurse practitionerskenya-medical-3

3. Dentists
4. Dental Assistants and hygienists
5. Pharmacists
6. Biomedical Technicians
7. Paramedics
8. Opticians, Ophthalmologists and Optometrists
9. Professional groups
10.Non- Medical volunteers


We welcome students on our trips as individuals, as a group, or as a class. You don’t have to be pursuing health related studies to volunteer in missions.

1. Medical students
2. Nursing students
3. Pre- health students
4. Medical related studies students
5. Non- medical students


University groups


We work with various university groups from schools of nursing, Medical, Dental, Public health etc.Group pic- Roseman univ.

Students gain hands-on experience and have direct patient interaction while shadowing healthcare providers.

Please contact us about organizing a service learning mission trip for your school group.
We will work with your college to create a program that meets the necessary requirements for earning academic credit.


Non- Medical Volunteers
Non- Medical volunteers are crucial to the success of our clinics. These are volunteers without any sort of formal training in Medical, Dental, Eye care or related healthcare fields.


As a non- medical volunteer you will perform a variety of roles critical to the smooth running of the clinics.


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Custom Designed trips for groups


We accept groups of any size with flexible dates and customized mission trip. Whether it’s a group of friends, a student organization, a college group, colleagues or any other group of dedicated individuals, we will work with you to create a unique experience customized around your group’s goals and interests. If our pre-scheduled dates don’t work for your group or you are looking for a trip exclusively for your group, we will custom design a mission trip that meets your groups needs.


With 7 or more people, you can create a custom team for a mission of your choice.Contact us with more details about your group. Give us your estimated Group size, tentative travel dates, destination of choice and type of mission your group would like to volunteer in. Our dedicated mission coordinating team will send you a custom proposal with itineraries, costs, travel info and other mission details.
If our pre-scheduled mission trip dates don’t work for your group, or you are looking for a trip exclusively for your group, we will custom design a trip that meets your groups needs.


To get started planning your group mission trip, CONTACT US


Tours and Excursions
Explore the country during your free time, and go on weekend adventures to discover the famous tourist spots available in each country.There are tourist activities in the most stunning world destinations, listed in the seven wonders of the world! We include a tour activity at the end of most mission trips, when time and schedule allows.You are also free to tour the country during your free time. Your trip will be a one of a kind adventure with options like wildlife safaris in Kenya, and the magical timeless ruins of Machupichu in Peru.



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