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Experience new cultures, languages and people while serving needy communities abroad!

We have mission trips planned in various towns and villages where the most needy communities are.




MISSION TRIPS 2018 & 2019


Mission: Medical & Dental
Team: Medical, Dental & Non- Medical volunteers
Dates: July 28th – August 13th, 2018
            December 18th – January 3rd, 2019
July 29th – August 14th, 2019
Country: Kenya
Location: Bondo & Nairobi
Cost: $1200USD


Our 17 day healthcare mission is dedicated to providing free medical care, medicines and health awareness to the underserved and vulnerable people in Kenya. Access to healthcare is often limited or unaffordable in these communities.


You will be involved in visiting underserved communities and institutions such as orphanages, schools and medical clinics to promote health and physical well-being.You will help carry out general health tests such as blood sugar levels and blood pressure, screen for many common diseases and illnesses including malaria, treat minor wounds, deworming and educate people about general health issues.
Malaria, typhoid, pneumonia, and tetanus are treatable diseases, yet many still die in Kenya as a result of not receiving proper medical care. Other major causes of morbidity and mortality include acute respiratory infection, malnutrition, diarrheal, HIV/AIDS, TB, gastrointestinal complaints, skin problems and vision problems.

We also see a lot of chronic diseases as well as women’s health issues, malnutrition, gastrointestinal complaints, skin problems and vision problems.

We manage these issues in collaboration with the local health care workers, who understand the local culture and can provide long­term follow up. We also rely on local doctors and nurses for acutely ill patients who require hospitalization.

Government-run hospitals and medical clinics lack adequate medical equipment and tools, and are ill-equipped to handle the volume of people in need of care.

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Medical Duties;

– monitoring and taking vitals (blood pressure, 

  temperature, saturation etc.)

– taking blood samples, blood cultures

– IV placements

– administering drugs

– intravenous infusions and injections

– dressing wounds

– filling in prescriptions and organizing the pharmacy and inventory

– assist doctors during different procedures and ward rounds


Dental Duties;

– Oral Examinations

– Cleanings

– Extractions

– Provide dental restorations and sealants if available

– Fluoride treatments

– Oral health and hygiene education

– distributing care packages and supplies


Non- medical/ dental duties;

– Patient intake and registration

– clinic setup

– registration of patients

– translators, if you are fluent in the local language

– assist in teaching health education to patients in the clinic, schools and orphanages

– crowd control, to maintain order in large crowds

– distributing donations to patients

– Health Education & Training

– Teaching first aid, good hygiene practices, dental health and nutrition. Teaching will be done within the framework of a basic classroom. You will be working with basic resources, such as posters, blackboards and whiteboards.




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