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Ready to go on a mission? 


The booking process has four simple steps:


Step 1: Decide on your choice of mission trip
Choose the mission trip you are most interested in serving . Once you decide on a mission and the country you wish to serve, fill out the rest of your information on the online application form.


If you are not decided on a mission, contact us and our program specialists will guide you through the choices to determine which one suits you the best.


Step 2: Reserve your spot


Pay $30 USD application fee to secure your mission placement with us.

Enter your payment information to pay this $30 non- refundable fee. Once we receive your $30 fee, we reserve your spot and start preparing a placement for you in the mission trip of your choice.
We will then send you a Volunteer Orientation Booklet to help you prepare for your trip. The information booklet provides important details about your trip, such as  vaccinations, visas, what to pack, information about your placement and local customs.

The registration fee is non-refundable and not transferrable to other persons.


Please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your application.
Step 3 : Finalize


An Azma International staff member will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the details of your work placement. The Azma staff member assigned to you will work with you to create a volunteer program that fits your interests and skills, and answer any questions that you might have. You are now ready to plan your trip!


Step 4 : Confirmation 


We will send you a confirmation letter with details on where you will work and live. We also send you instructions on how to pay the mission trip fees.


To secure your spot now, Sign up online


You are ready for your adventure!








Azma international aims to offer extremely affordable trips without compromising the quality of our mission work. We want to give all volunteers, irrespective of their income level, an opportunity to travel, serve humanity and enrich their life.


Volunteers pay for the cost of travel and for the costs associated with your stay in the host country.Customized airport meet and greet, in-country orientation on arrival, in-country supervision, meals and accommodations while in volunteering, 24/7 support by in-country program Coordinators. Pre-departure orientation, In-country orientation on arrival, program placement, volunteer trip planning and guidance. Fees are used also for overhead expenses, site inspections and most importantly, financial donations allocated to our community outreach and local partners we support in the host country.


We subsidize this rate to make it as low as possible. The cost varies based on the mission and the country you choose to travel to.


Why pay to volunteer?


Good question. As a volunteer you are already giving up your time and skills to help those in need, therefore many fail to see why they should ‘volunteer’ their money as well.
Azma International and all the local staff in the host countries are funded almost entirely by volunteer fees. In order for us to offer quality volunteer programs, it is imperative we charge volunteers for the costs associated with their volunteering experience. Your fees offset the costs from the food, housing, transport, pre-trip planning, in-country project coordination, program development, assisting in-country coordinators and other staff who prepare and take care of you and your host community during, and after your volunteer experience.


Our partner partner organizations can often barely afford to pay their own staff, and overheads. The host families, as well, can not afford to accommodate and feed you free or charge. Azma International does not receive any financial funding from the government or other organizations.


Therefore, your fee is actually a contribution that covers a wide variety of costs that are necessary to successfully run each mission program, cover costs associated with your stay and fund the community outreach activities we organize every year.


What other expenses should I plan for?


Flights, vaccinations, visa, Travel insurance, Safaris, Tours and other Weekend adventures, souvenirs, internet, local transportation.

We recommend US$20-50 a week spending money for internet, phone use, bottled water, laundry, local buses and going out for fun in your free time. How much you spend will depend on your personal taste and preferences.


How do I pay my $30USD to reserve my spot?


You can pay the $30USD through our website via Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Payments must be paid in US dollars. To reserve your spot now, click here.


When is the balance of my payment due and how can I pay it?


Final payment is due latest 60 days prior to mission start date. We will send you an invoice with details on how to pay the placement fee.


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